Cocktail Hour: Self Portrait with Schnitzel and Picasso
Oil on Gessoed Panel
12" x 16"

Schnitzel was my first long-haired Mini Dachshund. A classic black-and tan, she was very elegant, amazingly intelligent, and always full of joy and good cheer. Her job description was ever to be at my side, ready for any adventure, and never to allow any squirrels in the yard. Her hatred of squirrels was intense — she would keep a vigil on the back doorstep for hours, just waiting for that flick of a bushy tail. She understood so many words and phrases, I found myself talking to her quite often. She was also adept at reading body language. She lived to the ripe old age of 13. She is till very sorely missed in my life. A PERFECT little lady.

I painted this self-portrait with her in my lap, which was her favorite place to be. The book on the table is "Picasso and Lump",
a delightful tale of the great artist's beloved Dachshund.