Marlene Dietrich
Pen and Ink Pointillism
12" x 16"

When I was a teenager, there were no late-night shows. TV stations ran old Hollywood movies, and on the weekends when
I could stay up later, I got hooked on the fabulous movie stars. Dietrich was my favorite. Not at all like the tired housewives of my neighborhood, she glittered across the screen, and stole the spotlight from the rest of the cast with her first deep-throated word. She was a photographer’s dream with her hollow cheeks, deep-set heavy-lidded eyes and porcelain complexion. I met her once in New York at the Rainbow Room after her Broadway performance. She shook my hand and smiled. She was 72 years old and absolutely gorgeous.

This portrait is done with a crow quill pen using three custom-mixed colors of Luma inks. Thousands of tiny dots make up each shape, using white spaces to great advantage.